Welcome to the Dividend Aristocrat Stocks Blog!  This blog is dedicated to following those elite companies that have a proven record of increasing their dividend payouts over at least a quarter of a century, and seeks to become the “go-to” site for information about these companies.  I’ll also follow other companies with a long term track record of dividend growth in this blog.  I hope you enjoy reading the information here, and feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you have a question.

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About Me

I’m an individual investor and have been investing in stocks (not necessarily Aristocrats) for over 20 years.  Aside from my investments in the Aristocrats and other companies, I am not affiliated with any of these companies or with the financial industry.

Wondering Where I Get the Dividend Information I Blog About?

Unless I note it, all the information that I reference on this blog is either my own analysis or comes from publicly available sources.  Most dividend history information comes from companies’ investor relations pages.  In some cases where a particular company does not provide their dividend history in an easily read format, I may have to dig deeper into the annual reports to gather the information.  For the Week In Review posts, I gather the data from company press releases.  In any case, I don’t use subscription services for the information that you read here (that would probably be a violation of copyright law).  If you want to know where I got a specific piece of information, leave a comment or contact me through the blog.

The Technical Stuff

DividendAristocratStocks.com is run on the WordPress platform, using the Twenty Twelve theme.  Bluehost.com (full disclosure: affiliate link) provides hosting services.  I use and link to the finviz.com website (also an affiliate link) extensively.

Find This Information Interesting?

You’re welcome to link to blog posts here and use the information you find here on your own blogs.  All I ask is that you provide proper credit to DividendAristocratStocks.com in your own post and provide a link back to the blog page where you found the information.

And Finally, The Disclaimer

Full Disclosure: I may take positions in any of the companies mentioned in this blog at any time.  My mention of a company anywhere on this blog does not constitute an endorsement.  While I’m glad you’re here and hope you find the content here interesting and useful, I don’t know your investment situation and you are responsible for your investments.  I’m not a financial professional and am not qualified to give financial advice.  (I’m barely qualified to take it.)  Furthermore, while I believe that the information that I post here is accurate, you agree not to hold me responsible for any mistakes here.  Finally, you are responsible for your own due diligence and your investments.


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